Inspired by Maria Montessori, I finished this ABC set at last! For kids to work with there are:

  • characters with letters
  • the same characters without letters
  • letters alone

(I must explain – the characters are in slovak language, the name of the character begins with the letter on it. Some of them are ok in english as well: A – angel, M – mouse, D – dragon, F – footballer, L – ladybird, etc.)

You can gradually increase difficulty of tasks:

1. Give the child characters with the letters of his/her name, characters without letters and letters alone. His/her task is to put he letters on according character.


2. Give the child the characters with letters of his name. He´s got to lay them down in a correct order to read his name.

3. The same, but with the letters alone.

4. Similar as number 1, but with more letters.

5. Child puts letters on characters. The characters with letters on them are here only for self-control.

6. Use the letters to make words.


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