Lego – Letter Snake Games

Have your kids outgrown Lego Duplo as well? Use the bricks to create this set of word games.

How to make the letter bricks

You will need 27 bricks with 2×2 studs in 7 colours (6×4+1×3). Download the letters (click on lego-boggleEN) and print them on a label paper. Stick the letters on the bricks – but be careful! If you want to play all of the games below, you need to keep this order: one colour of letters on one colour of bricks (for example yellow letters on yellow (or any other colour) bricks), letters F, C, S, S, on the first brick, R, L, W, H on the second brick, etc. When you arrange the yellow bricks together into a “snake”, you must be able to read “FROG” on one side, and “CLAP”, “SWIM” and “SHUT” on the other sides.  (At the same time it´s the solution for the “brain teaser”.)

Word games

  • Boggle. Take all the bricks of the same colour. Try to make as many words as you can. Write them down. You can figure out your own rules to compete with your friends.
  • Brain teaser. Take all the bricks of the same colour. Arrange them so that you can read a word on each side of the “snake”.
  • ABC. Can you stack all the bricks in the order of abc? (Well, there will always be 4 letters missing.)
  • Lego boggle-snake – in the next article.
  • Using all the bricks make a long snake – don´t worry about the letters now. Ready? Try to find as many hidden words as you can.
  • Rainbow snake. Take one brick of each colour. Make a word using all of them.
  • Sentence. Make a sentence using any bricks.


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