Lego Game: Boggle Snake

One more game with Lego Duplo letter bricks

Starting the game: use any bricks to make a 4-letter word (let´s call it a “snake”). Each of the players takes 2 vowel and 2 consonant bricks.  The rest of the bricks are put aside of the game. Now you can start to play.

Rules: in his turn the player must change the word on the snake to another word using ONE of these possibilities:

    1. turn around one of the bricks in the snake
    2. turn around a block of bricks in the snake (see the first step of the sample game)
    3. replace one of the bricks from the snake for one from your hand
    4. add one brick to the snake
    5. take one brick from the snake (the snake must always be at least 3 bricks long)

Scoring: you can count the points using a small lego base – one for each player (same size) – and lego bricks 1, 2 and 4 studs big. At the end of his move player puts one brick on his base according to the earned points.  The first to fill the base wins.

  • one point – the meaning of the changed word stays the same (for example: player adds “s” to “bat” – “bats”)
  • two points – player makes a completely new word (player changes “bats” into “cats”)
  • four points – player makes two new words on the snake (see the last step bellow)

Sample game

Player “A” turns around half of the snake (2 bricks) and makes a word “HATS”. He earns 2 points.Player “B” adds one block to the snake and makes a word “HATES”. Player “A” takes one bricks from the snake and changes “HATES” into “HATE”. He earns 1 point (because he didn´t change the meaning of the word).Player “B” replaces the first brick and creates word “GATE” for 2 points.
Player “A” replaces the first brick and changes “GATE” into “LATE”. This way he created the word “Rose” on the other side of the snake as well. Therefore he gets 4 points.


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